5 Ways to Exercise Your Dog When You’re Stuck Inside

5 Ways to Exercise Your Dog When You’re Stuck Inside

It can be hard in the winter months to exercise your dog, but exercise is fundamental in order for your dog to stay calm and happy, especially if they are high-energy puppies.


Dog owners often walk their pets every day as they often get very energetic especially in the afternoon. So when you are stuck indoors because of a range of reasons, some of these tips will help you and your dog deal with days like this.


  1. Food Puzzles

Food puzzles are very good for any time of the year, but they are especially helpful when you need to keep your dog entertained and engaged. There are a range of food puzzles available, but it is important to tailor the toys difficulty to your dog. A very complex puzzle might be too much for a young dog but an older dog should be able to figure it out more quickly.


  1. Nose work

Many dogs find this a fun challenge especially for scent hounds. So why don’t you try and scatter some boxes around a room and hide some yummy treats in one of them. If your dog goes to find the treats and does this quickly then you can up the challenge.


  1. Chew toys

Stuffed kongs are brilliant, as well as dental chews and other toys intended for gnawing on. Dogs love peanut butter and it is so good for their coat. Stuff the kong with a mixture of peanut butter, yoghurt and kibble then put it in the freezer for the best results.


  1. Training

Dogs learn things every day but fitting the time into the day in order to teach your dog something new can be hard. Saying this, training is vital. You can train your pet with small pieces of cheese, hot dogs and chicken. It is vital to train your pet to train him for certain situations such as grooming with dog clippers and responding to your call.


  1. Tug

Tugging is great for releasing physical energy. Dogs love playing and teaching him to ‘leave’ and ‘drop’ when playing is vital for training, especially if your dog doesn’t respond well to commands.


It is hard to control the weather but we can still help our dogs get the mental and physical exercise they need in order to stay fit and healthy.

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