House Training a Puppy

House Training a Puppy

House training can be a little bit frustrating, they misbehave, they bite, they yap but we wouldn’t have them any other way would we?


Every puppy comes with different challenges, but there are common instincts that will facilitate the house training process. We will be able to detail a training program with techniques that will house train your puppy as soon as possible and foster a trusting and loving relationship between you and your pup.


Here are Five Rules for House Training


  • Give your puppy access to his toilet area, this will prevent your puppy from soiling the house.
  • Reward the pup for going to the toilet in the right place. Reward them with a special treat.
  • Never punish the pup for housetraining “mistakes”.
  • Put your puppy on a regular and timely feeding schedule.
  • Know when your puppy last eliminated – keep a diary.


Toilet Training


Put your puppy on a regular timing routine. Because every puppy is different, some go to the toilet very often and other take a while after eating. Unless your vet advises you for some medical reason then you should no free-feed. Always leave water out for your puppy. Check the water bowl frequently to note how much she is drinking and to make sure the water bowl is full.


Before you go to bed you should get your puppy to go to the toilet and reward them for this. In the morning, you should feed your pup breakfast around the same time each morning and in the same location to get them familiar with this.




Grooming your puppy is another major training factor. When using dog clippers or trimming your pups mains, you will need to be very gentle and take the appropriate steps in order to keep your puppy happy at all times.

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