Making The Most of Storage In A Small Home

Making The Most of Storage In A Small Home

In a home where floor space is at a premium, unless you want unsightly storage boxes dotted around, you have to think a little outside the box if you want to save space while keeping clutter at bay.


The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, and it can be the one with the most clutter with a congregation of everybody in the family’s lotions and potions. Investing in a few baskets to keep things like bottles, razors and loo roll tidy and in order will instantly make the room look and feel calmer, tidier and more organised. Wicker baskets are inexpensive and a great choice for bathrooms. Plastic boxes are another option, and you could even colour code them so everybody in the family’s toiletries is kept in their own coloured box.


A bedroom should be a cosy place that allows you to relax and unwind – not somewhere you have to wade through a clutter of clothes and shoes.

You can maximise the use of space in a bedroom by looking at what already takes up floor space in the room, and utilising that. Instead of bed side tables, two waist height cupboards will give you somewhere to store some underwear, socks or books. Investing in a bed with integrated storage has a vast amount of space to keep shoes, bedding, clothes, and anything else you can think of! Children’s cabin beds are great space savers in kid’s rooms, as the area underneath the bed can be used for a study, play, or storage area. If you are attached to your current bed, you can always invest in some drawers on wheels that can be easily slid under your existing frame.

Properly utilise your closet or wardrobe space. Vacuum pack and store away your winter clothes in summer and vice versa to free up as much space as possible. Adding a second lower clothes rail will double the number of clothes you are able to keep in your wardrobe.


Does your kitchen feel like it is bursting at the seams? Organisation is the key to saving space in the kitchen. If you’re going out of your mind trying to fit all of your cooking utensils into a limited space, have you tried using the walls? A simple but effective method can be to attach a number of nails to a spare wall in the kitchen, and use these nails to hang pots and pans from.

Invest in some stackable shelves or undershelf baskets to make the most of your existing cupboard space. Using every bit of wall space for extra shelves will work wonders.

If your kitchen is super tiny, rather than trying to squeeze in an imposing kitchen table, why not fix a fold away table, or a small table that can extend when you are in need of a bigger surface area to work with.


The lounge has plenty of scope for storage options. Choosing a flat screen TV will eliminate any need for a TV stand or cabinet, meaning that space can be used for more general storage. Invest in a coffee table with drawers or space underneath. Floor to ceiling bookshelves are a great option and a wall of bookshelves can be a really attractive and interesting feature in a living room. And they don’t have to be limited to books!


Don’t limit your hallway to being just somewhere people pass through, make the most of this space. Fitting a row of pegs along a wall will keep everybody’s bulky coats in one place. Similar to one of the points we made about the kitchen, fitting hat hooks all over a wall will look great and is a perfect way to keep them all out of the way – and you will never lose your favourite cap again!

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