5 Trending SEO strategies to Keep Your Business on Top In 2017

5 Trending SEO strategies to Keep Your Business on Top In 2017

2017 is around the corner, but are you prepared to welcome it? We all know that the New Year will also bring along a whole new set of changes in the way businesses market their products and services. These changes are bound to affect the way marketers improve their ranking with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the way people surf the web and a lot more. This means new trends and innovations will be in practice in regards to search engine optimisation. For businesses to keep their top spot in the search results or make their way up, the business websites need to effectively abide by these trends and tactics.

SEO Will Gain More Importance In 2017

SEO is the process of driving traffic to get the website in top ranking position on search engine result pages (SERPs) of google and other search engines.

As per the Daily Mail, in the UK alone, an average of 3 billion web searches are conducted per day. SEO will gain more importance than anything else in coming years as it assists in driving quality traffic, getting visibility, boosting your brand and lending your business the credibility it needs to succeed.

Without SEO, there is no point of creating so much content and graphics, if it is not noticeable to the audience when they run a search query.

In 2016, marketers realised the value of SEO, aligning their content for customers’ needs and incorporating mobile optimisation for better results. Businesses in Leicestershire and beyond also invested in getting services from Leicester SEO companies to boost their business performances. Such companies incorporated the trends such as Mobile responsive web designs into their SEO strategies after noticing that 50% of all mobile searches were conducted in the hope of finding local results and 61% of those searches resulted in a sale.

are you wondering which SEO trends will be a hit in 2017? Do not worry. Here, we bring you an exclusive insight into the hottest SEO trends and developments that are set to rock the marketing world in the year ahead. Have a look!

Let’s Get Started with SEO Trends


As we enter the New Year, do not get left behind by following a set of outdated rules. As a business, it is important to implement up-to-date SEO strategies. The following list of top SEO trends to follow will assist you in learning about the SEO requirements to keep your business on top as we quickly approach 2017.


Trend: Smartphone Is the New Big Thing


Isn’t it ironic that something small enough to fit in your pocket can have the biggest impact on SEO? Like it or not, smartphones are here to stay and they’re only becoming more and more popular. In the past , you may have been able to get away with having a website that wasn’t compatible with mobile devices. . But in the coming year, this will have disastrous effects on your SEO moving forward.


People are moving further from desktop devices and using their smartphones to check their emails, shop online, and search for information. Due to the Smart Phone revolution, search engines like Google and Yahoo have altered their algorithms to suit more mobile-friendly websites.


Designing your website to be responsive with mobile devices automatically enhances search ranking, giving you an edge over businesses that have not yet done so. Making mobile compatibility a prime strategy from the start is the key to achieving a strong digital presence and working your way up the list on search engines in 2017.


Reasons to Optimise Your Website for Mobile:

  • People want information that is quick and easy to navigate
  • Billions of smartphone users worldwide
  • Better Brand Engagement
  • Increases conversions
  • Reduces Bounce Rates

Trend: Speed Matters

We all have heard the saying that “patience is a virtue”. But it doesn’t apply when it comes to website speed. No one wants to sit around for 15 seconds to a minute waiting for a website to load. In the fast-paced world where technology is relentlessly developing, users expect for web site wait times to decrease. Search engines take the website load time into consideration as they begin to rank websites with faster server speeds higher than ones that take longer to load. Moving into 2017, you may want to consider which factors will affect your website speed while designing it. This includes videos, animations and rich media ads. Also, putting more money into the type of server you purchase can affect how quickly your website runs. Don’t allow slow load times to damage your site’s SEO. Not only does speed matter for the mobile device, but for desktop as well. The faster your website loads, the more likely users are to visit, helping it move up in the search results.


Ways to reduce load time:

  • Reduce your server response time
  • Reduce your page size
  • Reduce your total image content
  • Use GZIP Compression


Trend: Quality Content Over Keywords


Keywords have been deemed as the backbone of the SEO, and for the longest time, it was true. As useful as keywords are in the enhancement of SEO, digital marketing specialists and writers began to put an emphasis on them above the overall quality of the content. This led to repeated blogs and websites that were optimised better than they appeared or read. Fortunately, search engines quickly caught on to this trick and took steps to put quality over keywords. Therefore, in 2017, quality will be the key to successfully optimising your content. Writing for the readers instead of the search engines increases the chances of someone sharing your content with others, improving its SEO ranking. No one wants to read a blog that is repetitive or sounds manufactured but rather one that is relevant and has a steady progression. This does not mean you should get rid of keywords all together but they must organically fit within the structure of the content being created for your website. Consumers prefer to read content that is rich, engaging and provides insight on how they can be useful to them.


Putting quality over quantity is certainly the best way to both engage your audience and making your website go way to page one of the search results.

Why Quality Content Matters in SEO:

  • Google ignores over-optimized content
  • Readers want to find information, not content keyword
  • Google wants to see relevance, uniqueness and quality


Trend: LocationMatters in SEO


SEO is somewhat like real estate in regards to the fact that location is an important part of the process. It’s a big world out there, and if you’re a small to medium sized business it may feel even bigger. Let’s say you’re a local retail store looking to optimise your engines. Due to the prominence of retail stores in the world, both small and large, you will find your site along with others   somewhere on page 30 or 40.


Your job as a business owner or SEO specialist as we get to closer to 2017, is to make your search radius a little smaller. You can accomplish this by using keywords that target your neighbourhood and surrounding communities. For example, instead of using “Retail Store in the UK”, try “Retail Store in Leicestershire” or “Retail Store in Northampton”. This way the next time when someone searches for a retail store nearby, your website will appear on page one of the search results compared to page four or five. Specific Information is pivotal in achieving a high SEO ranking, and there is no better way of standing out than by letting consumers know that you’re right around the corner.

Trend: Turning Criticism into Positive Results


You may know the saying: “everyone’s a critic”. Well, this saying holds more weight today than it ever has. Thanks to review websites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Yellow Pages, every man, woman and child has been given a platform to voice their opinion. Now for those that say to completely ignore criticism, need to reconsider it. Eventually poor reviews and negative feedback can start to influence your website’s SEO ranking. To tackle this issue, you may want to consider listening to your audience to find what they want from your business. Whether it is lower prices, longer operating hours or better customer service, analysing social media conversations about your business and its competitors can help you determine where you need modifications. Listening to criticism will lead to more positive feedback from your audience, improving your services causing your website to rank up in the search results.

How to improve your online reputation:

  • Get more reviews in Google, Yelp and other popular review sites
  • Negative comments spread fast, address immediately.
  • Cultivate the right social profiles in the correct way.
  • Understand that negative content is unavoidable
  • Discover the cause of any negative comments
  • Respond to all type of comments


SEO is here to stay as one of digital marketing’s most beneficial techniques. By keeping up with some of these popular trends, 2017 is sure to be your year in terms of achieving top ranking on search engines, increasing website visits, and engaging your audience on a digital level.

So, concentrate on hiring SEO specialists that have been delivering their services for a decent amount of time and keeps up with the latest SEO trends. Implementing strategies such as creating fresh and quality content that can be promoted across all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. improves your search rankings tremendously. The next step would be to sustain the rank by posting fresh and unique content regularly.

Though trends keep on changing, we expect that these 5 SEO trends are most likely to dominate the scene in 2017. While some of them will become outdated at a later date, some will evolve and outlast the rest. Nevertheless, we’re sure by embracing these trends, you’ll stand a great chance of leading the market in the New Year.

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