How to Organise Your Wardrobe

How to Organise Your Wardrobe

In a home, the wardrobe is one of the most cluttered areas, which can easily become a mess when it hasn’t been organized for a while. What’s more, when you do spend time tidying your wardrobe, it can feel like it turns back into its usual chaotic self in a matter of days. This can result in you being unable to find anything you want, taking up more time in the morning and losing several garments a week.

Well, look no further, we have the perfect solution to sort all your wardrobe troubles. Read on find out how you can organise your wardrobe once and for all.

Sort your Clothes First

You need to begin the whole procedure by organising your clothes. It is probable that right now your jeans will be entangled with your shirts. However, this needs to be dealt with in order to use the space effectively and get organized.

Divide your clothes into garments, such as shirts, jeans, jackets, skirts, tops, etc. Based on this sorting, allot space for your clothes in your wardrobe. This will make it look much neater and you will be able to find things more easily.

Narrow down your focus

Now is the time to focus and narrow down on organising each section of the wardrobe that you just made. This will make them look tidier and lessen the chances of the whole wardrobe getting cluttered again.

Start by putting all the same coloured clothes together in each section by dividing the clothes into smaller sections. You could also arrange them according to sleeve length or pattern. If you are segregating with respect to the length of the clothes then remember that the short clothes are to be kept ahead and the long ones are to be placed behind, so that you can still see them all.

Using the Vertical Space

If your wardrobe has vertical space, you need to make the efficient use of it too. In these spaces, you can easily keep your folded clothes, shoes, jewelry and lingerie. If you feel the necessity to use organizational tools such as divider or small boxes to help you organise further then that’s really great. You can even install metal racks in the wardrobe to place your shoes in the different compartments.

Other Organisational Tools

If you are planning to buy organizational tools then remember that there are many departmental stores and online shops that sell a variety of containers, hooks, racks, and dividers. These items can be used to attractively display your clothing and accessories while making them easy to access.

You can easily use small, clear containers to store shoes if you want. Since you can see through the container, you will still be able to see which shoes to pick won’t be required to keep checking all the boxes.

You can use the shelf divider above your clothing rack as these dividers can quite easily separate folded scarves, purses, or small handbags. Buy small adhesive hooks and attach them to your closet wall or door. These hooks can be used to hang belts, socks, scarfs, etc.

 Dress Placement

While arranging your wardrobe, you have to be careful with where you place your dresses. Hang the lightweight dresses on a coat hanger, but remember to hand them so that the bottom does not trail on the floor of wardrobe.

However, fold and stack your heavy dresses because if you hang them, there is a chance that they might get stretched and damaged. It will be necessary to fold and stack all your maxi dresses and other dresses made out of cotton-spandex blends.

Managing Winter Wear

You have to fold and stack your sweaters, to save hanging space in the wardrobe. Folding them will also make them last for longer periods of time. You can either stack your sweaters on the shelf above your clothing racks for easy access, or you can place them in plastic storage bins so that you can easily spot them.

If you have ample of space in your drawers then you can stock your sweaters in there too. However, remember to keep them visible so that you don’t forget where they are when the time calls for wearing your winter wear.

Organising your Trousers, Pants and Jeans

Shirts may not take up much space but jeans, pants and trousers do. They are thick and they can cover up a great deal of space in your cupboard, leaving no room for other clothes. Arranging them properly is essential in an organised wardrobe.

While hanging your jeans, fold them into two halves, draping them over the flat part of the hanger to avoid unsightly creases occurring. You can even do the same with other types of trousers. Clip hangers can be used to hang trousers by their waistband too, but be careful not to create creases when clipping them.

Arranging your accessories

Accessories such as scarves, and gloves are to be stuffed in the drawers, so make sure to leave some space for them. You can simply buy transparent boxes and keep accessories of the same type together to keep them organised.

If you want, you can even buy a jewelry box and place your jewelry in it. If you have a great number of necklaces and they often get tangled, you can use hooks to separate them.

Arranging your wardrobe isn’t an easy job and doing it every weekend is very taxing. So, the best thing to do is to arrange it perfectly once and for all so that you don’t have to do this chore all the time. You can also use these same arranging techniques to sort your children’s cabin beds or wardrobes too.

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